PawPal Patrol!

With Spring trying to push its way through, the days are starting to feel a warmer and dog walks are more enjoyable. However the torrents of rain have left behind a lot of muddy puddles, boggy fields and ultimately dirty walks!

Unfortunately even clean walks are no longer risk free with the prevalence of Alabama Rot in some areas , so we were delighted to work with our friends at Biteback Products and review their awesome PawPal. A nifty system perfect for keeping in the car or at home to wash off those dirty paws to keep the car and home cleaner and reduce the spread of nasty bugs and disease.

The PawPal comes in two sizes, so every dog is catered for from Great Danes to Little Chihuahuas. It is super easy to use as well! Simply add a squirt of the organic shampoo provided (it smells heavenly and is super gentle to your dog’s skin containing no sulphates or parabens!) and top up with hand hot water to about 3/4 full it will overflow a little with the paw inside so it’s good to put your dog on an old towel or mat.

Then gently lift your dog’s paw and place inside the PawPal and move the PawPal up and down quickly to agitate the soft rubber bristles against your dog’s paws. Doing this for about 10 seconds should remove any dirt and grime leaving your pampered pooches paws pristine!


You can use the same water for all 4 paws or change it part-way through, depending on how dirty the paws are!

There is no need to rinse their paws after, simply use a towel or drying mitt to dry any excess water from the paw! We love the Ruff and Tumble drying mitts for this job and keep a pair in the car just in case!

We have found numerous uses for the PawPal to be a year round necessity too! Obviously keeping paws clean is important and with the threat of Alabama Rot, advice is to rinse and clean your dog’s paws after every walk. We know some dogs however that due to allergies or skin complaints need regular bathing of affected areas – toes and paws are usually on that list!  

So instead of standing your dog in the bath to soak his or her paws – use the PawPal! It means you can avoid the stress and potential injury to your dog and yourself trying to lift them into the bath and just use the PawPal in a place that’s calm and comfortable! There is less mess and the whole situation will be much easier to manage!


To buy your PawPal system head to Biteback Products website –

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