The Luttrell Arms – Dunster

We were super excited to be invited to stay at the Luttrell Arms in the stunning village of Dunster which is situated in the glorious National Park of Exmoor. Our little trip started with a walk around the grounds of Dunster Castle which sits high on the hill overlooking the village.


When we arrived at the Luttrell Arms we had such a warm welcome and the hoomans were rather excited about something called an upgrade – not sure what that was but they seemed pleased! We were showed to our room by the lovely lady on reception and when we walked through the door the hoomans were making very excited noises!

Our room was super lovely, the hoomans had a huge bed (which we were not allowed on!) a door that led out to our own private terrace, and plenty of space to relax and unwind. We had been given two comfy beds to sleep on and even a towel to wipe our paws after a walk which was a really nice touch! There was a list of rules we had to explain to the hoomans but they seemed to understand OK!



Once the hoomans had unpacked their clothes we went for an explore around the hotel. The private terrace we had also led out into something called the secret garden, we weren’t allowed to run off lead here but a 20 second walk across the garden led to a furbulous field we could run around in! Plenty of space for zoomies, games of bitey face (Jelli’s favourite game with Bracken) and areas to explore!


Once we had burnt off some steam and done our business (there is a perfectly placed poo bin inside the gate) we supervised the hoomans downstairs and made sure their dinner was safe to eat. We led them to a lovely table in somewhere called the boot bar and settled down to eat our bones whilst keeping an eye on them to make sure they were managing their food and drink OK.

When their food arrived it did look yummy, they both had the oak-smoked salmon to start which smelt super tasty! Mum snuck us a tiny bit to taste and it was delicious! It came with a simple side salad which was crisp and tasty.

For their main meal they had roast beef which came with tender stem broccoli and a scrumptious sautéed potato side. The little saucepan had a wonderful peppercorn sauce. The hoomans both said ‘it was the best roast beef they had ever had’ and how ‘it was so tender it could be cut with a spoon’! Dad made sure mum wasn’t looking and gave us a tiny bit to try – he didn’t know mum had already given us a little bit! We agree it was super tasty and delicious!

We then all moved into the lounge area. The hoomans day on the sofa to enjoy their drinks (we tried to get up too but apparently ‘you’re not at home now’ meant we had to stay on the floor!) We had lots of fuss and strokes from people walking past us including some of the friendly staff! They were all definitely doggy people!


After a short while a lady bought over a huge cheese board with crackers, grapes and chutney plus a cherry chocolate baviour (think posh chocolate mousse!) I think mum and dad forgot about us as they didn’t share any of it! We saw there was a huge selection of 5 different cheeses, which I’m sure tasted as good as they smelt! The baviour looked delicious too. We think it had a crumbly biscuit sprinkled on the side next to a cherry sauce with fresh cherries too!

After we all relaxed for a few hours in the bar it was time to head to bed. Our hoomans took it in turns to stay in the big, white tiled room and came out smelling all clean. We crossed our paws we didn’t have to go in as that usually means BATH TIME! Fortunately we were safe this time and settled down on the comfy beds the nice lady had given us earlier.

We must have fallen asleep as when we woke up it was daylight and the hoomans were talking about some of our favourite things! Breakfast and walkies! Turns out we were to have both!


We ate our yummy breakfast in the room and then escorted the hoomans downstairs to the room we sat in last night  instead of more beef they had a rather large breakfast. One had the Full English which smelt great and judging by the lack of tasty treats for us, we can only assume it tasted great too! Mum had a Salmon and Creme Fraiche Bagel which we were allowed a tiny taste and it was delicious! They both also disappeared into another room and came back with yummy yoghurts and croissants too!



After lots of tea and coffee consumption we headed off to the car ready for our walkies! We can’t wait to go back to this place as it was so dog friendly and we were very spoilt by all the staff!

Thankyou again Lutrell Arms for inviting us to stay!

(And Bracken!)

Splish Splash!

Isla and Jelli aren’t the only pupsters finding this heat no fun. No long walks in the day and especially none of our little trips into the city for coffee as the tarmac is too hot for little paws! The most fun they are having at the moment is walks in the fields in the evening which is a) boring , b) huge risk of grass seeds and c) no water to splash in. We’ve gone to the river on a few occasions in the evenings but the horseflies seem to divebomb and eat me or the tick army are out in their hundreds trying to eat the dogs (thank goodness for tick prevention treatments!)


This leaves me in a predicament wondering where I can take the dogs to really burn off some energy, stay cool and still have fun? So when Clair from Chapel Farm Rehabilitation Centre got in touch and invited us to go for a fun swim in their large indoor pool we jumped at the chance!

Chapel Farm lies just outside of Bristol in Pensford, with easy onsite parking, a shop, pool and qualified staff on site it’s the perfect destination for pets who want to have fun or those recovering from surgery or illness where hydrotherapy or physiotherapy has been advised. They also have a dog crèche on site which looks fabulous fun and is on our list of places to visit!

Each fun swim slot is 30 minutes long and costs £24 for the first dog and only £12 for subsequent dogs from the same family. There is also the option of being able to get into the pool with your dog if you want to join in the fun too!

Isla and Jelli were greeted by the lovely Amber and Jenny when we arrived who helped them into their life jackets and escorted them to the pool. Both dogs had a nice warm rinse before going into the water to make sure they were clean and then they were ready to go!


The pool is a whopping 10m by 6m which is great for a proper swim and is heated to a comfortable 29-30 degrees which is perfect for maintaining the dogs’ temperatures as they won’t lose energy trying to keep warm like they would swimming in the sea or streams. The pool is also super clean so no risk of any water borne bugs causing tummy upsets as there would be in the river and no ‘tide or flow’ which might make the dogs work harder or potentially cause panic to set in.


Amber and Jenny were fantastic with the girls and made sure they were 100% happy and not stressed at all times. Isla is a very strong swimmer so was immediately playing fetch with a tennis ball that Jenny threw for her and was clearly enjoying herself!


Jelli on the other hand was much more nervous, her experience of swimming starts and ends with the time she half fell half jumped into the river after Bracken who thinks all water is for swimming in! Needless to say she was VERY hesitant about going in.


Amber was brilliant with her and helped Jelli gain her water wings super quickly. A few supported laps around the pool with lots of encouragement she soon realised how much fun she could have and ended up launching herself off the ramp after her ball or Isla’s! She actually needed to be held back a few times so she didn’t over do it!

After their session time was up they had another warm shower to rinse them off and a quick towel dry. Usually I would take their drying coats with me for the journey home but as it is so hot I decided it may be nice to stay a bit cooler and dry naturally!

I highly recommend Chapel Farm, the facilities are excellent, the staff are experienced, welcoming and brilliant with the dogs. They also offer a loyalty scheme for clients which offers great savings and an excuse to return!

We are definitely returning and taking Bracken with us too, I may even get in the pool and join in the fun! Hopefully we can go and experience the onsite crèche too, that will be a whole new blog post as the facilities there look incredible!

To get in touch and book your swim click here to go to Chapel Farm’s website or here for their Facebook page. Please remember to tell them you saw them through our blog and feel free to leave us any comments if you’ve been already or if you book to go!


DogFest West 2018

So we have just about recovered from DogFest West on Sunday! A jam packed day filled with LOADS of activities and things to do for your pooch! With lots of food stands (mainly for your dog) and stands selling everything from collars to clothes and beds to balls!


It was scorching day  – 28 degrees! – so made sure we had packed travel bowls for water and the girls cooling coats and bandannas. Fortunately we had pre-booked tickets (Thanks Guru Pet Food!!) so we could bypass the queue and made a beeline for the Water stand and filled up our bottles and soaked the cooling coats.

Once settled and we got our bearings we started off having a look around to see who we knew and what lovely products there were for sale! We started off by visiting the team at Pet Drugs Online who made a huge fuss of Jelli and we finally got to see the advert she starred in for the first time on the big screen! They weighed both girls and gave them lots of fuss and treats before we set off to see what else was on offer!


We were approached by LOTS of people asking if the girls wanted to sample their food and treats, we had to politely decline after the first few as I didn’t want to have two full up dogs with lots of different foods potentially upsetting their tummies!

We had to say hello to the lovely team at Bath Country Pets who had a stand there and just a few stalls up was the lovely Tracey from the Distinguished Dog Company! They sell the most fabulous tops for hoomans and gorgeous bowties and bandannas for dogs! We had to buy one of her lovely ‘Walkies’ T-Shirts which will feature in a blog post super soon!

By this point we had been walking for nearly an hour and it was getting hotter so we stopped off at the Fetch by Ocado rest area, the girls had a chill out on the deck chairs and I filled up our water bottles again – we then watched some of the Agility and Dog Diving which was very funny!!


After another nice rest we made a beeline for the BEST stand there….

Once at the Guru stand both girls felt right at home! Relaxing on the comfy arm chairs they had their photos taken and made sure Lisa knew they were there!


Several handfuls of the delicious Guru Food later (they certainly wouldn’t need tea!) we said hello to  Megan, Woody and Wilma from the Cotswold Spaniels and had some more photos taken and chose what goodies they wanted to take home! Guru have some exciting new treats to accompany the venison sausages in the form of dried fish skins! These treats need a write up of their own so keep your eyes peeled!

After spending time here in the shade it was time to think about heading home! We couldn’t help but pass the George Barclay stand again and check out their stunning dog beds – we are even more excited that they are going to be working with us in the very near future!!


We all had a lovely time and highly recommend the DogFest festival to anyone who loves dogs! There is one DogFest left this year at Hertfordshire in July so if your local pop along and have fun! Hopefully we will see some of you next year!




Tea & Cake for Humans & Hounds!

With summer almost here and the days staying lighter long it’s now the perfect time to explore the countryside with your dog. Finding new walks is a favourite pastime of ours, the Somerset and Wiltshire countryside is full of hidden gems with most walks starting or ending at fabulous dog friendly pubs and tea rooms.

We were honoured to be approached by Sarah – owner and baking goddess at the No 10 Tea Rooms in Avoncliffe near Bradford Upon Avon. So groomed and tidy wearing their gorgeous Hettie Company bandanas we set off.


Nestled at the bottom of a steep hill overlooking the Kennet and Avon Canal, No 10 is a dog walkers haven! Several walks can start and end here and the tea rooms would make a perfect pit stop part way through an amble through the Wiltshire countryside. To be honest, I can come up with plenty of reasons and excuses to stop here!

When we arrived at No10 we were warmly greeted by Sarah and shown through to the beautifully presented garden. Borders of daffodils and tulips surround a large lawned area leading onto a gravelled section with picnic benches overlooking the aqueduct and canal below. Sarah had thoughtfully already got the girls a fresh bowl of water and a little blanket to lie on and asked us what we’d like to order. So much choice!

No 10 has two very key factors. The first is everything is homemade by Sarah and her team. None of the scrumptious cakes or snacks are made offsite and bought in to sell. EVERYTHING is made in the little kitchen area which is easily seen inside. Even the dog treats are homemade by Sarah (more about these later!) The second impressive string to the bow are the food miles. All the ingredients are sourced as locally as possible – this even includes the tea & coffee! The tea has the longest journey coming from the UK’s first tea plantation – Tregothnan in Cornwall.

I selected a mouthwatering slice of coffee and walnut cake – this is actually phenomenal and the best C&W cake I’ve had! Teamed with a large cup of coffee it was a perfect way to relax on a sunny afternoon. The coffee was as amazing as the cake, a smooth roasted blend from local micro coffee roasters Dusty Ape based near Bath. The coffee is even in the cake and very appealing to little noses!

The special part of our visit was not just the fact the dogs were welcome – they also have their own little menu to choose from!

No 10 prepare the sweetest little puppachinos! Dogs have their own mugs with little paw prints on with a warm frothy goats milk beverage – a complimentary biscuit is given to all four legged visitors and there is the option to buy a delicious homemade peanut butter and coconut ball for your pooch! The peanut butter is specially made by Neoh and Nobo a small batch, organic dog treat company in Birmingham.

We had a lovely time at No 10, fantastic setting, wonderful food and perfect hosts. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their drinks and snacks and we can’t wait to return!

We highly recommend a visit here and to sample as much as your tummy will allow! Click here to visit the website for No 10


Special thanks to Judith White for taking more beautiful photos for us!



Holidaying with Your Dog

With Spring now showing signs of coming, flowers trying to bloom and the weather marginally warmer, its time to start planning those 2018 holidays and getaways.


Why not scrap the two week all inclusive in the glorious sun and swap it for a lovely break or two in good old Royal Britannia? There are now SO many places offering dog and pet friendly accommodation all across the UK you will be spoiled for choice.Cottages to Caravans to Canal Boats there really is a wide variety of places to visit along the length and breadth of the country.

However before you travel it’s important to make a list of items that are super important to take to make your life easier and less stressful.

1) Food and water bowls! It’s really important to make sure your hound has food and water bowls – some places may provide these but you don’t want to be caught short without them – we think the Road Refresher due to its non spill abilities is perfect for travelling in the car and making pit stops en route to your destination. In hot weather this is especially true – take a couple of bottles of water too, then you can fill up when needed without needing to find a shop. Our Road Refresher was from the lovely people at John Norris (click here to buy)


2) Food! Make sure you take enough food with you to last the duration of your holiday – the last thing you want is to run out of food and have to change for a short period of time. This may not affect some dogs, but a change in diet can upset some dogs tummies (not ideal in someone else’s cottage or in restricted spaces….) It’s important to factor in storage for those dogs fed on a RAW diet. Phone ahead to see what the freezer situation is, there isn’t enough freezer space, google the local area to see if there are suppliers you could buy small amounts from and store in a cool box whilst defrosting OR consider feeding a cold pressed kibble such as Guru or Forthglade combined with a almost RAW, steamed meat – again Forthglade do some excellent varieties which can be stored in the cupboard and eliminates the need for a freezer.

Click here if you fancy a 20% off saving at Forthglade!


3) Beds! Your dog maybe a little unsettled sleeping in a new environment. Taking a bed or blanket that smells of home is always a good idea. If they usually sleep in a crate then it may be worth taking that for familiarity – most crates fold flat for ease of transport. We love the Ivy and Duke travel mat and use these in our crates all the time! Teamed with the Ivy and Duke Blanket it’s perfect to snuggle into, creates a homely feel for your hound and is machine washable!

4) Collars and Leads! You can’t enjoy long rambling walks in the countryside (or city!) without a collar and lead – it may also be an idea to take a spare of each just in case you lose one on a walk. It’s also worth ensuring your tag details have up to date contact details including a mobile number in case your dog gets lost on an unfamiliar walk. Mobile numbers are obviously more use than a home number when on holiday! Our tags are from ID#tags and lie flat on the collar so no chance of them snapping or falling off.


5) Vets! Although not what you want on holiday, it is worth finding out where the local veterinary surgery is in relation to where you are staying, do they do their own out of hours or do the use another larger surgery perhaps. Dogs can be a bit too inquisitive sometimes or too enthusiastic which could result in an unforeseen vet visit. Take details of your insurance details too, just in case the injury or illness may result in a large bill and an insurance claim!

6) Toys & Treats! All dogs have a ‘thing’ it may be a tennis ball, toy or favourite treat – remember to pack these as long walks in new places or quiet times in strange places are always better with a favourite toy or treat to keep your hound happy! We can highly recommend Guru Trip and Field Bones to keep your dog occupied and settled (don’t just have them on holiday, after all every Tuesday is #tripbonetuesday!)


7) Poo bags! As any responsible owner knows, it’s important to clean up after your dog – in fact, it’s the law! So make sure you have a good supply with you especially if you are going to a more remote part of the UK that may not have a local shop to purchase new supplies. I personally adore the Dog Walking bag from the Cosy Canine Company – it’s perfect to carry your phone, keys, treats, tennis balls, leads and has a special compartment that doubles up as a poo bag dispenser! Whats even nicer is it comes in a variety of colours and can be personalised! use code COCKERSINTHECOUNTRY at checkout for a 15% off your order!


8) Your Dog! After all the planning to make sure your hound has a happy holiday, make sure they have a comfortable and safe place secured in the car! Ideally a crate in the boot or seat-belt device on the rear seats. NEVER allow a dog on the front seats as in the event of an accident, impact with airbags is usually fatal.


Woolley Grange Hotel – a must visit!

So January has been a busy time for us already. Lots of dog friendly trips and visits have been booked, friendships formed with some fabulous companies and more importantly friendships blossoming with lovely people.
My dogs may to the outsider be an obsession – four legged creatures that appear to rule my life and be at the centre of most things I do. I’m happy if people want to think that – what they may not see is the unconditional love those creatures give back to me and the opportunities and the doors they can open.
(Boots – Dubarry Clare – Dog Coats – Barbour Quilted Coats)
The first exciting door that was opened was our first (and hopefully not last) visit to the stunning Woolley Grange Hotel on the outskirts of Bradford-on-Avon in picturesque Wiltshire.
The stunning Jacobean Manor House has been transformed into a totally family friendly getaway. Their website states dogs are welcome, however on arrival its clear the effort Woolley Grange have gone to to make your dog feel as welcome as you do. If your really lucky, Rex the resident Cavalier King Charles will welcome you to his home – if he is otherwise engaged one of the friendly staff members can show you all to your room.

On entering one of Woolley’s luxury rooms, you will already feel able to relax in the homely yet grand surroundings. Beams overhead, huge comfortable beds in large spacious rooms with stunning views over the Wiltshire Countryside. All tastefully decorated with a fitting and appropriate ‘Country’ decor.
Your dog has their own bit of luxury to look forward too, with their very own welcome pack. Comprising of a bed, bowl, treats and a selection of fabulous walks to find in the area your dog really can be treated as one of the family.
They are allowed in all areas of the hotel with the exception of the formal dining area, kitchen and spa – for those dogs who want a pamper session you can always pop to the Doghouse in Bradford-on-Avon for a wash and blowdry!


The grounds are all dog friendly, off lead in one of two fields for a fabulous run around (wellies may be needed). For dogs that like to experience the great outdoors there is a dog wash station at the hotel complete with warm water, towels and shampoo to ensure your pooch is gleaming ready for a night relaxing in front of the fire.


For residents of the hotel there is the facility for ‘dog listening’. All rooms are equipped with baby/dog monitors so when dining or using the spa facilities, reception staff can keep an ear out for your dog to ensure their needs are met and no problems occur.


 We were lucky enough to also be asked to stay for a cream tea – this is something I would highly recommend with or without your dog! Generously sized, home made scones with local jam and cream. The smell of the warm scones was heavenly and tasted just as good!


 After we finished our coffee we meandered outside to explore more of the grounds. With views over the Westbury White Horse, the grounds deserve their own write up, an ornamental pond lies immediately to the front of the hotel which is then surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens. Tree swings, croquet and skittles are all outside for your enjoyment plus a well stocked toy basket by the front door in case you lost your tennis ball on your walk!
There really is so much to see and explore at Woolley Grange I would recommend staying to experience it for yourself. I’d like to extend a huge thank-you to the staff that looked after us during our visit. You are a credit to Woolley Grange and made the dogs and I feel so welcome and hopefully we come back for a night away and experience the amazing menu we saw!
(Cape – Annabel Brocks Kimblewick, Dog Coats – Barbour Quilted Coats)
A huge thankyou to Judith White for taking the majority of photos featured in this blog – please follow her on instagram and Facebook



Pawsitively Perfect – Dog Friendly Dining

Its always nice getting home from a long day in the Somerset Countryside to be greeted with “would you like to go out for dinner tonight instead of us cooking?”
Both the two ‘big’ dogs were straight in their beds with their drying jumpers on after a busy day and had no intention of surfacing until the morning. Jelli on the other hand was rather excited of the prospect of dinner out!
We decided to venture to our old local – after not stepping foot in there for several months due to a owner changeover we were a little sceptical about how much ‘change’ would have happened.
We needn’t have worried though! A quick glance online at the menu showed a nice array of dishes including proper pub food and some slightly more exciting tastes. The website has also updated and we were delighted to see that Becky & Pearl the whippet looked forward to welcoming us – two and four legged – always a good thing when the resident hound gets a mention?!

When we arrived and ordered drinks Jelli was immediately spoiled with a couple of little dog biscuits from the bar and offered a bowl of water to have at our table. She politely accepted the biscuits and settled down under our table.

With the fire roaring in the bar it was a lovely atmosphere and very relaxing. We chose the Somerset Cider Rarebit and Scotch Egg of the Moment (Pork & Sage today) to start followed by the classic Strode Burger and Winter Vegetable Tart.

It was incredible – the hand made scotch egg was tasty and moist made with local hens eggs and the Somerset Cider Rarebit was full of flavour and neither were small portions! After tucking into those we eagerly awaited our main meals which came out after a short wait. The Winter Vegetable tart was gorgeous, I believe 12 different vegetables were included, all cooked exceptionally well and full of texture. The burger was a fabulous with lovely fries to accompany it.

Feeling rather full and relaxed with my glass of red wine slowly diminishing it was only right to have a couple of scoops of Champagne Sorbet to cleanse ones pallet and finish the evening off. The Chocolate fondant was just as delicious with a hot melt in the middle and side of salted caramel ice cream!

Dinner done and a cuddle with the gorgeous Pearl we headed to the bar to settle our bill. Jelli (who behaved beautifully) was given not just a biscuit but a huge Bonio to take home which she proudly carried to the car before eating it.



We are so glad our local is still that, local, inviting and friendly. We wont hesitate to return and highly recommend to anyone passing through the area to stop and pay them a visit.


Check out their website here for menus & directions!



Afternoon Tea and a Spot of Shopping!

Rather excitingly 2018 is looking full of fun outings and adventures.

With visits to the Red Lion at Long Compton, The Luttrell Arms in Dunster and lots more already in the diary it’s probably a good idea to have a bit of a groom and tidy up.

However before then we have a very exciting trip planned not too far from home……..


Woolley Grange in Bradford-On-Avon is the perfect getaway for the two and four legged alike. Nestled in the little Hamlet of Woolley Green, the stunning Jacobean Manor House is set in 14 acres of doggy filled heaven! The lovely team at Woolley Grange have invited us for a spot of afternoon tea and explore the hotel and what is has to offer! Fingers crossed that gorgeous fire is roaring away!

However its only right that before then we have a little explore around the Doghouse – perhaps Bradford-On-Avon’s BEST shop – well in the eyes of Jelli and Isla it is! Tucked away in Lamb Yard in the centre of the town, the Doghouse is the perfect place to have a coffee for me and a puppacino & pup cake for the girls. With the vast array of gorgeous gifts, toys, treats and well – everything a dog could possibly cross their paws for – I think its only fair they chose a treat to take home.
Perhaps one of the fabulous Woof Boxes or some treats from the lovely Lily’s Kitchen or Innocent Hound?
So while the girls eagerly await the days to go by so they can actually go and explore and have fun – I need to decide what we are all wearing especially in this changeable British weather! I feel some browsing of the Teddy Maximus, Bath Country Pets, Annabel Brocks and Hyde & Hare websites are in order!


Places to go and people to see!

Sitting here reflecting on another busy Christmas, dogs sleeping peacefully with their new bones and toys, hooman family snoozing in front of the TV with tummies full of delicious food.

It’s time to start planning 2018! We already have a list of dog friendly hotels we are planning on visiting including our first booked trip of the year to the lovely Red Lion at Long Compton.

Set in the gorgeous Cotswolds, it’s a charming grade II listed country pub with oodles of character inside. Sarah, Lisa and Cocoa the Labrador have warmly welcomed us before for dinner so we are excited to sample the AA award winning breakfast too!

Check out their website and have a look at the menu and rooms. Then keep your eyes peeled for our visit and blog!

We also have our Paws 🐾 crossed about a visit to Woolley Grange in Bradford Upon Avon. This stunning 16th Century Mansion House has been lovingly transformed into a wonderful Country House hotel complete with luxurious spa and acres of glorious grounds to romp and play fetch!

The menu looks fabulous, the rooms look stunning & well equipped and the hotel is perfect for a long walk around the Wiltshire countryside to finish up in front of a roaring fire and afternoon tea!


Christmas is coming!

With Christmas just around the corner (exciting!), we all know how much dogs love Christmas too! So what a better way to kick off our first blog than by sharing one of our favourite shops with you!

Bath Country Pets is situated in the quiet surroundings of North Wraxall, easy to find and easier to park makes this a stress free place to visit! Plus its super important to us to support local small businesses rather than buying everything online!

Neil and Emma are so welcoming and have a stash of yummy milky Husse bones for little dogs (and big ones too) on their best behaviour!

Their Christmas range is perfect for dogs of all sizes, stocking toys to treats, beds to bowls and even have their own stunning range of tweed and leather collars & leads!

Jelli took a long time deciding which her favourite toy was but settled on Fred the Gingerbread man who has come to live with us and is adored by Jelli and Isla alike!

With so much to choose from it is well worth a visit to treat your dogs to a few more stocking fillers before the big day arrives!

Find their website here —> Bath Country Pets

Or find them on Facebook & instagram