About Us

Based in the middle of the glorious Somerset countryside, the Cockers in the Country and I live with my very tolerant other half and our adorable Springer Spaniel Bracken.

We love trying out new things, meeting new people and trying new dog friendly places to stay. Both Cockers love the camera and its easy to get lovely photos of them!



Isla is my second Cocker Spaniel born 11th July 2010 I have had her since 8 weeks old. She has always been a bit of a diva and her favourite things to do are testing out dog beds, new toys and grooming products!isla

Jelli is Isla’s daughter and was born 1st June 2017. Its been delightful having seen her grow up from day one and watch her experience things for the first time. She is a really confident little dog and has already learnt many tricks and behaviours. She is super cute and at the age of  about 4 months was filmed for an advert for Pet Drugs Online.jelli

The two girls make up the duo that is Cockers in the Country although Bracken our lovely Springer is also very willing to lend a paw when visiting places and testing or review new things!