Work with Us

We love trying out new products, visiting new places, meeting new people and even TV and promotional work!


So if you are looking for an enthusiastic and committed team to help promote and advertise your business – whether it’s a dog friendly pub, hound happy hotel or a new product to make life easier for us dog owners, then look no further.

We have the privilege of knowing some pretty good photographers that can work with us to showcase your product and get the most out of the environment we’re in.

Capturing the finer details and really working hard to ensure we portray your business in the best possible light is what we do best. From making sure a dog coat or bandanna looks perfect in a fitting environment or making sure a product shows it’s true potential being used. For dog friendly getaways we can guarantee that your accommodation is portrayed in the best possible way with a write up featuring everything from the room we occupy right down to the food we eat all accompanied by professional photos.

Both dogs have also done some filming and modelling for companies such as Pet Drugs Online, The Cotswolds Distillery, Animology, George Barclay Dog Beds and Kudos Pet Products. Jelli and Isla have both been trained using positive methods with no harsh corrective methods and as a result will turn their paws to anything and have an extensive trick and behaviours list they will do.


Please email us at if you are interested in using us for any modelling or promotional work or review products or places.

Feedback about us!

“I have worked with Johanna and her two cocker spaniels, Jelli and Isla, on two separate occasions and in two very different locations: the formal setting of a Country house hotel and the rather more relaxed setting of a canal-side tea garden.

My role was to take photographs to accompany Johanna’s online blogs. On both occasions, both dogs were a delight to work with. Jelli and Isla are working dogs, and it shows. They are very well trained and alert to all of Johanna’s commands, so much so that I found it quite hard to persuade them to look at me instead of at her! They clearly enjoy their work, and also the praise and rewards they received for behaving so well.

On the first occasion, Johanna was reviewing dog coats, so we needed to place the dogs in specific positions to show the coats as clearly as possible. Jelli, the younger dog, is trained in dog agility and so was perfectly happy to sit, for example, on a swing. On the second occasion, Johanna was reviewing the dog-friendly credentials of a tea garden that served treats for their four-legged visitors. I needed both dogs to wait in position, so that I could take several images of them looking at and sniffing the treats, before they were allowed to consume them.

Johanna has obviously trained her dogs well, and it is equally obvious that they adore her and are very keen to please her. I found Johanna to be very thoughtful and considerate, both to me in terms of the time I spent on the photo shoots, and to the owners of the premises where the photo shoots took place” – Judith White Licentiate, Royal Photographic Society

“Cockers in the Country visited No.10 Tea Gardens, Avoncliff a couple of weeks ago and they were a joy to have. Perfect visitors! Jo the hoommmann owner was very down to earth and easy to talk to. You could clearly witness the loving bond between her and the incredibly well behaved and extremely happy pooches. Isla and Jelli are perfect visitors, well behaved, enjoy a cuddle and happy to taste the doggie treats on offer at No.10” Sarah Bremner, No.10 Tea Gardens Owner

“Jelli was not only totally adorable, she was also amazingly well trained. Anything we wanted her to do she did, which having worked with a number of animals before was a breath of fresh air” Aspect Film and Video – producers of the Pet Drugs Online commercial  – see here!