The Dog Tog – Lights, Camera, ACTION

Its no secret we love discovering new places, meeting new people and trying new experiences. So this adventure ticked all three of those boxes!

It’s also no secret we LOVE posing in front of the camera! So when Rupert from The Dog Tog invited us for an extra special and VERY different photo-shoot we jumped at the chance.

Located in the gorgeous Gloucester countryside in the heart of the village of Uley, The Dog Tog is owned by Rupert – a professional photographer who has branched out into a unique style of photography and is creating fabulous pieces to raise a smile time and time again!

We arrived at Rupert’s studio and he suggested we went for a off lead walk in a secure field to burn off some steam after our journey  – just one of his great ideas and attention to every detail including the welfare of us pupsters!

When we arrived in the studio, Rupert made us feel right at home, we had a little potter around to get used to the lights, screen and equipment he had and then get used to the flashes!

One at a time we then all had our turn catching biscuits! We had to sit in front of Rupert who had a SUPER big tin of biscuits which he just kept throwing for us!!!! Everytime he threw some biscuits he took our photo – sometimes he even threw two or three biscuits at a time!!!

Rupert was very patient with all of us – he allowed us all time to adjust and get used to being so close to the camera, we were never forced to do anything that made us worried on uncomfortable – the hooman was laughing lots so we think we were doing good things……even when we couldn’t catch the biscuits!

Rupert then got us all off lead and tried to get us to catch biscuits all at the same time!!!

We had a wonderful morning, had some very memorable and funny photos taken plus a few of us looking our usual gorgeous selves!

Well…… Bracken and Isla had some nice photos taken….. Jelli was far too busy trying to get biscuits and Rupert’s attention!

We would HIGHLY recommend getting in touch with Rupert and booking a session  – he can cater for multiple dogs and has bundles of patience and heaps of enthusiasm to ensure you wont regret your visit to The Dog Tog!!

You can contact Rupert here —> and via his Instagram page —–>

We would LOVE to know if you book a session and would love to see your photos even more!

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