Some Pawsome News!

As you know we LOVE our Guru Dog Food – some may say we are ColdPressedObsessed! So when the Pawsome team at Guru wanted to be part of our future journey as we continue in the world of competitive obedience and agility we were super excited!

Ping! Boing! Jump! Tunnel! Weave!

All words and actions you might hear and see whilst we are doing what we LOVE to do!

You’ve seen us in action so we should introduce ourselves! We are the Cockers in the Country. Mother and Daughter team – Isla and Jelli. We are two gorgeous Working Cocker Spaniels and reside in (the sometimes) Sunny Somerset! We love being out exploring the countryside, visiting dog friendly places and blogging about our adventures. We also love being in front of the camera and have modelled for companies such as Animology, George Barclay and Jelli also starred in the recent Pet Drugs Online advert!

Our talents don’t stop there – Oh No! We love using our brains too and regularly compete in Obedience and Agility!

The hooman did Obedience with her awesome Boxer Lara about 10 years ago and Isla has followed nicely in her footsteps. After starting competitive obedience at the start of 2018 with her, she qualified for the Discover Dogs Semi Finals in October and although not qualifying for the finals at Crufts she came pretty close!!

Our aim is to get to the Semi Finals again next year and aim for the dizzy heights of the Crufts Finals in 2020!

Jelli on the other hand is built for speed, precision and ZOOMING! At the tender age of 18months old she is at the very start of her agility career but is already turning heads when out on the course!

2019 will be the start of her affiliated competitions and we have already have a busy year planned with various competitions, camps and the International Agility Festival in August!


We train with a fantastic local club who have a fabulous ethos and experienced instructors as well as Team GB competitor Charlotte Harding who Jelli adores and she can really get the best out of both of us!

So, now you know a bit more about the dogs, I would like to extend a HUGE thankyou to the team at Guru for sponsoring and supporting us as the girls continue in their sports.

Having fed Guru since Jelli was a baby, we have moved all three of our dogs (we have a super cute Springer too!) onto the super food! As a Veterinary Nurse, nutrition is very important to me and Guru just ticks all our boxes. Quality ingredients, FABULOUS customer service, quick delivery and it’s very easy and convenient to feed. As it is Cold Pressed a smaller volume of food needs to be fed as more nutrients are retained during the ‘cooking’ process. This means the food is more cost effective and much less waste is produced!

Having Guru as part of our team is an honour and a privilege and we hope to continue this happy partnership as the girls climb the ladder and who knows, you may see Isla at Crufts and Jelli zooming around representing Team GB too!

Our previous blog about how Gurulicious & Delicious Guru is can be found here —->  CLICK ME! 

So a huge thanks to Guru and please head over to their website to see what they can offer your pooch! Guru Website is here! 


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