Mud Glorious Mud!

We were delighted when our friends at Mud Daddy asked us to review their 8 Litre capacity Mud Daddy!

It wasn’t long after our Mud Daddy arrived that we had the opportunity to test it out. Most of the walks we go on start and finish at the same place and that unfortunately involves a rather large area that gets muddy very quickly – Jelli also appears to have magnetic qualities when mud is involved and I’m sure she attempts to get as much on her as possible!

Before we set off on our walk I filled the Mud Daddy up with hot tap water to see if it really does stay warm – low and behold 2 hours later when we returned, the water was still nice and warm and much more pleasant for the dogs.

Jelli as predicted was sporting the latest in mud camouflage so was the first to test the Mud Daddy out!

The Mud Daddy is 100% portable and uses water pressure instead of electricity so it can be used anywhere! Once pumped up and the pressure reached, it is simply a case of squeezing the brush handle and the water is released. I was pleasantly surprised with quite how high the water pressure is – I was expected a small stream but I’m confident the pressure is high enough for me to wash my own hair!

One huge benefit is how quiet the MD is – there is barely any noise at all! This makes it PERFECT for nervous dogs who don’t like strange noises and especially horses who can be a bit skitty and nervous.

As you can see in our video below, the MD is fabulous at washing off all the mud from Jelli and the firm bristles can penetrate between her fur making sure no dirt remains!

As well as being super environmentally friendly and quiet, the other noticeable benefit is the volume of water used. Even after a thorough wash down, there was still MORE than enough water left to rinse Isla and Bracken off – both appear to have been having lessons from Jelli and were very much covered in mud!

I used less than 8 litres of water the clean three dogs all weighing between 12-20kg – after a second equally muddy walk, I tried to gauge how much water I would use if I hosed them off – and gave up after working out I had already used 20 litres of water and still not got one dog clean!

So it is definitely a thumbs and paws up from us! Portable, warm and silent and can easily clean three dogs. There is also enough water left over to wash off dirty wellies and hands!


The Mud Daddy comes in three different sizes, a 5litre, 8litre and a giant 12litre. Each product comes in a choice of colours (the 12L is currently only available in a lovely purple) and there is also a range of accessories including a 3 meter extension to the hose. Due to the compact size it is super easy to store in the car without taking up lots of space and means we will never forget it when leaving for a walk!

I hope you enjoy our video of our Mud Daddy in action!

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