Crufts Preparation! Our Top Ten Tips!

In just under a weeks time we will be making the 120 mile trip to the NEC in Birmingham to the Worlds Largest Dog Show – Crufts!

Back in January Isla was selected to be one of nine dogs on the Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver  A Display Team! We have had weekly rehearsals with our team mates as well as lots of practising at home to make sure we are ready for the big day!

Isla strutting her stuff at Discover Dogs 

The display opens and closes with a fabulous routine of choreographed heel-work and has numerous elements of the Silver Award Scheme sandwiched in-between.

So apart from coming to see us, what else can you expect and what day is best for you to go?

Alongside the the prestigious breed showing, (all British dogs being shown in the breed ring have to have been placed 1st-3rd at a Championship show in the previous year) there is the awesome, exciting agility and the fast and furious flyball finals.

Photo Credit – UK Flyball League

2019 is the last time Flyball will be at Crufts for a while so its advisable to make the most of it and watch this year! There is lots to see in the Main Arena including displays from the RAF, Police, Phillipa Williams of Castleman Gundogs, heelwork to music and so much more!

In Hall 3 you will find Discover Dogs – over 200 breeds to meet and the opportunity to speak to owners and breeders of all of them! So if you are thinking of welcoming a puppy into your life but need some advice an help choosing the right breed, then Discover Dogs is the place to be!

Our Top Ten Tips for Crufts 2019!

1) Wear comfortable shoes! It is VERY possible you will end up walking several miles around the 5 halls so comfy shoes are a must! Although the public cannot take their dogs, their will be dogs walking around as well as pushchairs, wheelchairs and trolleys! So open toed sandals may be a safety hazard! It will get warm inside the NEC too so I advise wearing layers that you can take on and off – the last thing you want is to get hot and bothered and not enjoy yourself!

2) Take your own food or be prepared to spend money! Eating at the NEC can be expensive, especially if you are attending as a family. There is a Wetherspoons in the Atrium by Hall 6 which may offer a more cost effective and substantial meal. Starbucks also offer Qjacker – an app you can download to pre order your drinks and save wasting time queuing!

3) Plan your time! If you are attending Crufts for one day or all four, it is essential to check the timetables (click on the links on the day above) and find out whats on when! Some activities are more popular than others, so you could find yourself missing certain displays if you aren’t ready to get into the arenas in plenty of time.

4) Make a list NOW of the trade stands you want to visit – there are 5 halls FULL of doggie delights and lots of show offers to be had. Follow this link to see the complete list of shopping stands and their locations —>

5) Check the social media accounts and websites of the above companies – many will have special Crufts discounts in place which you can remember to take advantage of whilst you are there!

6) Remember your purse or wallet! If your like me and love spoiling your pooches, you will be spoilt for choice! There are LOTS of human spoils to be had too!! Its important to make sure your money is safe – a zipped pocket or inside a jacket as unfortunately there are some unscrupulous people there!

7) Things sell out quickly so if you have specific items on your shopping list get them first! Most companies will let you leave bigger items with them to save you carrying them around all day!

8) If you are planning on doing lots of shopping, the granny style shopping trolleys are PERFECT for stashing your goodies and stops the discomfort of carrying lots of bags around with you. You wont be able to take them into the main arena seating due to space issues so make use of the cloakrooms that the NEC provide – items are charged at £1 each so stuff as much as you can in your trolley or bag!

9) DO NOT TOUCH THE DOGS – this might be a ‘boring’ tip but please ask owners if you can stroke their dogs before you try to touch them. Even the best behaved dogs will be tired and potentially a bit grumpy from the long day sat around and in the ring. Most owners are more than happy to talk dog but please show them the courtesy of asking first.

10) Book your car parking in advance! It’s £16 on the day or £12 in advance!

Finally come and say hello! We are in the Good Citizen Display Ring on the Thursday and Friday doing three displays a day! When we aren’t in the ring or on our bench, we will be visiting some of our favourite companies and doing a bit of shopping!



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