Fabulous Flexitags!

As the dogs are enjoying a fabulous game of bitey face* and running at speeds a cheetah would be impressed with, I can’t help but notice the absence of the irritating jingle jangle noise from Jelli’s collar AGAIN.

*Bitey Face is a game only played on walks, whilst running at top speeds trying to bite your opponents face – once contact is made then roles are swapped and your opponent tries to catch you and bite your face. Bitey face is NOT to be played in the house or near the hoomans feet as this results in end of play. Bites must not be hard – gentle mouthing is encouraged for this game. Suitable for all ages and abilities*

I have lost count of the amount of tags purchased over the years for collars. They seem to have a superb knack of disappearing when on walks, never to be seen again. Cheap tags, expensive hand crafted tags, plastic tags, metal tags, barrel tags (these are useless as any writing inside just runs as soon as the dogs jump in the trough) and even wooden tags. All with the same element in common – THE SPLIT RING.

This seemingly harmless twist of metal holds the tag on the collar. It’s sometimes a nightmare to split to secure onto a collar (think trying to add a new key to a bunch!) or it is so flimsy it retains the new shape and is as useful as a chocolate teapot! When the tags decide it’s time to jump ship its usually because the split ring has just fallen off or got caught and pulled straight or the tag itself has snapped, split or just decided enough was enough.

I have never been a fan of tags anyway – not only is the noise they make super irritating, they are actually quite dangerous. I have heard far too many horror stories of dogs getting the tags caught in things and almost causing massive problems. Such as tags getting caught in between the bars on a crate and one of a dog getting its tag caught on the top of a radiator and becoming stuck. Thank goodness the radiator wasn’t on or that would have caused horrid burns.

So the discovery of FlexiTags was a blessing! Hard Wearing silicone bands in a HUGE variety of colours which means we can colour code the bands with the collars! The tags themselves come in three sizes. Small for collars upto 20mm wide, Large for Collars upto 40mm wide and XL for collars upto 55mm wide. The tags are made from high quality aluminium with a flawless finish which will last the test of time.

The tag is moulded slightly to fit flush around your dog’s neck ensuring maximum comfort at all times. As with the bands, the tags are available in eleven different colours. So you can match the tag or get jazzy with some contrasting colours!

We have had these tags on all the dogs for several weeks now. They have been thoroughly road tested in rivers, bushes and rolling around on all sorts of surfaces! They are still in perfect condition and super easy to just wipe clean when they get a little grubby! Our tags are the large size which caters for upto 4 lines of text (the smaller tags will cater for 3 lines) so all the information required by law can be displayed easily and visibly.

I am now totally converted to Flexitags and am already deciding which colour combination to purchase for my horses bridle and saddle – just in case we part ways on a hack and someone needs to find out where he lives!

The fabulous team at Flexitags have kindly given you 10% off by using the code BC10 at checkout!

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