The Luttrell Arms – Dunster

We were super excited to be invited to stay at the Luttrell Arms in the stunning village of Dunster which is situated in the glorious National Park of Exmoor. Our little trip started with a walk around the grounds of Dunster Castle which sits high on the hill overlooking the village.


When we arrived at the Luttrell Arms we had such a warm welcome and the hoomans were rather excited about something called an upgrade – not sure what that was but they seemed pleased! We were showed to our room by the lovely lady on reception and when we walked through the door the hoomans were making very excited noises!

Our room was super lovely, the hoomans had a huge bed (which we were not allowed on!) a door that led out to our own private terrace, and plenty of space to relax and unwind. We had been given two comfy beds to sleep on and even a towel to wipe our paws after a walk which was a really nice touch! There was a list of rules we had to explain to the hoomans but they seemed to understand OK!



Once the hoomans had unpacked their clothes we went for an explore around the hotel. The private terrace we had also led out into something called the secret garden, we weren’t allowed to run off lead here but a 20 second walk across the garden led to a furbulous field we could run around in! Plenty of space for zoomies, games of bitey face (Jelli’s favourite game with Bracken) and areas to explore!


Once we had burnt off some steam and done our business (there is a perfectly placed poo bin inside the gate) we supervised the hoomans downstairs and made sure their dinner was safe to eat. We led them to a lovely table in somewhere called the boot bar and settled down to eat our bones whilst keeping an eye on them to make sure they were managing their food and drink OK.

When their food arrived it did look yummy, they both had the oak-smoked salmon to start which smelt super tasty! Mum snuck us a tiny bit to taste and it was delicious! It came with a simple side salad which was crisp and tasty.

For their main meal they had roast beef which came with tender stem broccoli and a scrumptious sautéed potato side. The little saucepan had a wonderful peppercorn sauce. The hoomans both said ‘it was the best roast beef they had ever had’ and how ‘it was so tender it could be cut with a spoon’! Dad made sure mum wasn’t looking and gave us a tiny bit to try – he didn’t know mum had already given us a little bit! We agree it was super tasty and delicious!

We then all moved into the lounge area. The hoomans day on the sofa to enjoy their drinks (we tried to get up too but apparently ‘you’re not at home now’ meant we had to stay on the floor!) We had lots of fuss and strokes from people walking past us including some of the friendly staff! They were all definitely doggy people!


After a short while a lady bought over a huge cheese board with crackers, grapes and chutney plus a cherry chocolate baviour (think posh chocolate mousse!) I think mum and dad forgot about us as they didn’t share any of it! We saw there was a huge selection of 5 different cheeses, which I’m sure tasted as good as they smelt! The baviour looked delicious too. We think it had a crumbly biscuit sprinkled on the side next to a cherry sauce with fresh cherries too!

After we all relaxed for a few hours in the bar it was time to head to bed. Our hoomans took it in turns to stay in the big, white tiled room and came out smelling all clean. We crossed our paws we didn’t have to go in as that usually means BATH TIME! Fortunately we were safe this time and settled down on the comfy beds the nice lady had given us earlier.

We must have fallen asleep as when we woke up it was daylight and the hoomans were talking about some of our favourite things! Breakfast and walkies! Turns out we were to have both!


We ate our yummy breakfast in the room and then escorted the hoomans downstairs to the room we sat in last night  instead of more beef they had a rather large breakfast. One had the Full English which smelt great and judging by the lack of tasty treats for us, we can only assume it tasted great too! Mum had a Salmon and Creme Fraiche Bagel which we were allowed a tiny taste and it was delicious! They both also disappeared into another room and came back with yummy yoghurts and croissants too!



After lots of tea and coffee consumption we headed off to the car ready for our walkies! We can’t wait to go back to this place as it was so dog friendly and we were very spoilt by all the staff!

Thankyou again Lutrell Arms for inviting us to stay!

(And Bracken!)

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