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After being super choosy and fussy deciding on the food to feed the girls, it would feel wrong buying artificial, processed treats that are full of additives.

So when we stumbled across JR Pet Products all our problems were solved! They have a huge range of tasty treats that are 100% natural, with no colourings, flavourings or anything else nasty!

There is an enormous range to chose from so we have selected a few of our favourites to tell you about!

Firstly rabbit 🐇 ears! These are a firm favourite with the dogs and us! Unlike some treats, they are totally odourless so perfect for having in the house as there is no smell and they are very clean to eat. No greasy residue on carpets or the dog bed and the ears are easy to eat so don’t turn into the soggy pulp that some of the mass produced raw hide chews do.


If you want a treat that’s safe to leave with your dog when you go out or they just need something to concentrate on, then we can highly recommend the Pure Pate! It comes in three flavours and two sizes and for the indecisive among you, they come in a variety pack so your dog can try them all!

We found there is numerous ways to use the pate, slicing, cubing or stuffing! It slices and cubes really well which makes it perfect for training treats and it’s PERFECT for stuffing into a Kong toy or similar for hours of entertainment! With three flavours to choose from, chicken 🐓 , turkey 🦃  or salmon 🐟 you can give your dog a different flavour very few days!

Jelli’s favourite flavour is the salmon pate and she spends ages making sure every last morsel has been licked out of the kong! To make it last even longer once it’s been stuffed, we freeze the kong for a summery treat that lasts twice as long! The added benefits of Pure Pate is it is Grain and Gluten free! So even the pups with sensitive tummies or intolerances don’t miss out!

We have been on the hunt for a chew that lasts longer than 30 seconds, isn’t hideously processed rawhide and is completely natural. So discovering the JR Pet Products beef tails was a great find! Each pack contains 5 to 7 tails (ours had 6!) so plenty to share in multidog households or enough to last a couple of weeks if given every other day!

Jelli and Isla loved their tails! Both are usually very quick to gobble up treats but it took them AGES to finish these! Fortunately they are also low in fat, which is hugely beneficial for Isla since she has been spayed so does put on weight a bit easier! As an added benefit I’ve also noticed Isla’s teeth looking cleaner which has come from chewing against an harder surface! Similarly to the rabbit ears, the tails are odourless which makes them a great evening chew that is totally inoffensive!

The girls were lucky enough to also be sent some rolled venison sticks! Word of advice! These are VERY strong smelling so you may want to give these outside or in a ventilated room if you don’t like the smell! That aside they are again very long lasting and excellent for dogs that like to chew! The rolls take a while to soften up before ‘bits’ are able to be chewed off which means it keeps your dog occupied for longer!


we HIGHLY recommend the natural treats from JR Pet Products and cannot wait to try more of their range! Head to their website here —-> to shop online or find your local stockist!

Let us know what you think of the treats and what your favourites are!


As with all chews we do not advise leaving your dog unattended whilst eating them as small bits can become lodged between the back teeth or even in the throat which could be very distressing for your pooch!

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