For the dogs who have everything…

With Christmas fast approaching, we cannot forget our faithful, canine companions! If your dogs are anything like mine they already have a plethora of collars and leads to suit all occasions, an extensive all season wardrobe with some pretty beautiful (yet still practical) tweed coats and towelling robes PLUS numerous beds to lounge on despite preferring the sofa more!

Now if my dogs could chose one thing to repeat more than the usual twice a day, it would be dinner time! Those three, eager faces staring longingly whilst I prepare their dinner is adorable but turns quickly to the annoyance of paws scrabbling across the flagstone floor of the kitchen – each trying to reach their designated space first, the clang and scrape of the metal bowls as they then get pushed around the kitchen whilst each dog is adamant that licking the bowls to within an inch of its life will reveal more food!

So when I discovered the personalised bowls from Cornishware – I was not only delighted that I had stumbled across a perfect, practical gift for the dogs but also the quality if the bowls would put an end to some of the irritating dinner noises that regularly occur!

Cornishware is a fabulously British company with a rather interesting history. Originating back to the Victoria era – specifically 1864 – Thomas Goodwin-Green introduced the iconic blue and white striped pottery which was one of the companies most popular designs. The design was named Cornishware after reminding an employee of the blue skies and white waves of Cornwall.

Sadly in 2007 despite several attempts, to save the brand, the Victorian workshop closed its doors after finding the competition of modern production too much.

However, lifelong enthusiasts Charles Richards and Paul Burston have made a commitment to Cornishware seeing production bought back to the UK and those iconic stripes gracing our shelves once more!

So….back to the dog bowls! The lovely team at Cornishware have sent us three stunning, personalised bowls to test out and accompanying these is a beautiful matching treat jar!

As soon as I opened the boxes the quality of each is clear to see and feel. The 20cm diameter bowls are the perfect size for most dog breeds and the depth of each will cater for even the largest of appetites. The hand finished colour and glaze is flawless and the personalisation adds a thoughtful touch especially if purchasing as a gift for someone.

Gone are the days where the cheap, metal bowls would be flung around the kitchen in glee. The weighty, solid bowls from Cornishware sit proudly where they were placed on the floor, making meal times much more distinguished and much less noisy!

The gorgeous dog treat jar, again personalised for ‘good pups’ is a great size to store lots of treats in and caters for lots of small biscuits or is also a perfect size for the delicious trip bones the dogs all adore. As all of this range comes in the traditional Cornishware colours of blue and white, they would make a perfect gift for an avid collector too!

So the bowls and jar are not only beautiful but practical too! You could elect to purchase a jar for sweet treats for yourself and children or use the bowls for fruit or snacks and personalise how you see fit. They are dishwasher and microwave safe so super easy to keep clean!

Jelli, Isla and Bracken would like to thank Cornishware with lots of tail wags and licks and share this discount code with all our followers!

So use the code GOODPUP for 10% off a spend of £25 or more and spoil your pooches for Christmas!

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