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There are many things as dog owners we may sometimes put off doing – be that for a few hours or a few days. However feeding is the one thing we do at least once daily and I know our dogs wouldn’t let us forget!

Wet or Dry…?      Nutrition is super important – we as humans should try and avoid junk food and eating lots of rubbish, so surely our dogs should be allowed the same.  I am a veterinary nurse so analyse and research everything my dogs eat so after doing lots of research into the best types of food for our spaniels and not having the freezer space to try RAW feeding I decided to give Forthglade a try.


Forthglade…     The team at Forthglade (based in the neighbouring county of Devon) were super helpful when I contacted them. Having three dogs of differing ages and needs can make feeding one food pretty much impossible. However their ‘Just 90%’ suits all three dogs perfectly regardless of age and can be mixed in with the Forthglade Cold Pressed kibble which is also suitable for all ages.

When our goodies arrived the dogs were all rather excited! The ‘Just 90%’ Wet food is steamed in a little water before being packaged so its got all the benefits of a RAW diet, with no added fillers, additives or nasties BUT can be stored in a cupboard which obviously eliminates the need for freezer space! It also means you don’t need to remember to defrost anything which is another bonus!

All the ingredients are locally sourced too – so for the environmentally minded, that means less ‘food miles’ and less impact on the world as less diesel, etc is used to get the product to the plant in Devon.

Win Win so far!

The Food…     So the real test is not which of the 8 delicious flavours to chose from. The real test is if the dogs like it! We did spend a few days as recommended, gradually switching the dogs over from their current food to Forthglade and we can safely say they LOVE it!


The feeding guidelines are easy to follow – all three dogs fall into the medium category now with Jelli being just over 10kg  so they all need 1/2 to one tray a day. We decided to give Jelli 1/2 a tray a day alongside her kibble and Bracken and Isla 3/4 of a tray each as they are both a bit bigger – it also made it easy to avoid wastage as it was 2 trays a day between all the dogs. It is important to point out that the trays will keep for two days in the fridge though if you don’t use it all at once. Just don’t peel the lid off completely and slide the outer sleeve back on.

As Forthglade also make a cold pressed kibble – this means it’s still jam packed with goodness as the 100% natural ingredients are cooked very quickly but not at high temperatures so the goodness stay inside. The other huge benefit of Cold Pressed food is it dissolves from the inside out as it isn’t dehydrated like normal kibbles – this means it wont expand in your dog’s tummy which HUGELY reduced the risk of bloating. This can lead to a condition called a GDV or gastric dilation-volvulus which is when the stomach fills will air and can then twist around. Unless veterinary intervention is sought, the condition is fatal. GDVs are common in deep chested breeds such as setters, retrievers but can occur in any breed.

The Results…     We have been feeding Forthglade for almost three weeks now and can already see the difference. A very big difference is the dogs’ erm …. poos! Not a pleasant topic but again something as dog owners we need to be responsible for as our dogs aren’t able to clear up after themselves! All the dogs have gone from producing ‘normal’ firm poos to passing much smaller and harder parcels! This means more of the food is being utilised during digestion instead of wasted and passed through so less of my hard earned money is being wasted! This also means less poo bags used on walks!

I have also noticed the dogs have maintained their weight nicely and their coats are beautifully shiny! Jelli has actually put on a bit of weight which is great. As a growing puppy of 9 months she was looking a little bit lean and Forthglade has helped her fill out during this important growth period.


So in conclusion…     Forthglade is definitely a diet we will continue! The variety of flavours is great for keeping things varied and the cold pressed kibble is perfect without having additional worries of the dogs bloating after eating. Cost per day is very reasonable for a nutritionally balanced and healthy food with minimal wastage. It may appear a little more expensive than other brands but the quality is far more superior and less waste produced means less money wasted too – not too mention the reduced number of poo bags being used!

Alongside the food Forthglade produce they also have a great range of treats! perfect for training or just treating your pooch! Rest assured the treats are all 100% natural too with no additives or nasties added making Forthglade our food of choice!


Forthglade can be purchased direct from their website and if you use this code you can get a whopping 20% off your first order!





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