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We were asked by the lovely team at Animology to test out their Fox Poo Shampoo and Clean Wipes. Jelli especially always seems to find rather disgusting things to roll in whilst out on a walk so we didn’t need to wait long to test out either! So off we set to one of our favourite walks!
Fast forward a few hours after a lovely walk across the Mendips, we bundle back in the car with the windows open trying to minimise the smell coming from the boot! Once home it’s clear just how dirty and smelly Jelli has got! The once beautiful, clean Cocker Spaniel is now a rather unfetching shade of black, brown and smells awful!
Due to the frequency this happens, we have a warm water shower outside for the dogs and after getting Jelli wet, a small amount of Fox Poo Shampoo is lathered into her fur. It smells lovely and immediately starts lifting the dirt and mess from her fur and making her small MUCH better. Unlike other shampoos, only a small 50p size was needed to wash Jelli so the bottle should last a reasonable length of time. The shampoo rinses super easily and within a matter of minutes the once dirty, smelly pup was looking more like her former self!
After trying numerous shampoos, Fox Poo is clearly the best we have tried so far! Many of the other shampoos we have tried leave a greasy residue, don’t rinse out very well or simply just don’t do the job – the added benefits of the Animology Fox Poo Shampoo is the long lasting pleasant smell after washing (no more wet dog smell) and how soft Jelli’s coat felt once dry. This is now a bathroom essential for the girls along with some of the other grooming range from Animology.
However, not ever walk we go on results in a full blown bath being required – sometimes its just muddy paws, dirty heads or mucky legs that need a quick wipe down, towels are great but that means more washing for me and getting the dogs quite wet. This is where the AMAZING Clean Sheets come in useful!
The dual sided blue sheets, have one soft side – ideal for sensitive areas around the face – and a courser side to tackle tricky areas such as paws and in-between the toes! The wipes come in two packaging sizes, a brilliant tub of 80 sheets which is perfect for keeping in the car for walks and a handy bag size pack of 20 which is ideal for popping in a dog walking bag or coat pocket. You never know when you may stumble across a dog friendly pub or cafe and need to wipe those dirty paws and noses!
Both packaging options are resealable so no risk of the sheets drying out and not being usable, they are impregnated with a no rinse shampoo formula and similar to the Fox Poo shampoo they smell lovely! The handy travel pack sheets are an awesome 18×18.5cm so large enough for paws and faces, the sheets in the larger tub are even bigger at 20x27cm so great for dirty tummies too! We highly recommend Clean Wipes and will make sure we don’t run out!
You may have noticed the vibrant pink collars, harnesses and leads the girls are wearing too – also by Animology (yes we are a bit obsessed with the brand!) We were VERY excited to be sent a set each to test out. So with Badminton Horse Trials that weekend it was the perfect opportunity to put them through their paces!


I immediately noticed how comfortable the leads were to hold. The black webbing is complimented by the vibrant pink (other colours are available) which is made from a non absorbent neoprene – this means after muddy walks they can be hand washed in warm water and look good as new – trust me, we can vouch for this!!
The harnesses are very easy to adjust to fit each dog and the quality of them is clear  – the metal work is double coated so rust resistant and finished in a subtle black which blends in well with the webbing. The neoprene padding backs all the webbing so even when altered as your dog grows, the soft padded section is against your dog which minimises rubs and sores compared to other harnesses on the market.



Once fitted we were ready to go! We had a lovely time visiting our friends at our favourite trade stands and a lovely walk along the cross country course. Both dogs were walking beautifully, neither appear in any discomfort or tried to remove the harness which has happened in the past where it has irritated them! We had LOTS of lovely comments from people admiring them and giving the girls a fuss.
It’s lovely to have some vibrant, well made walking gear for them to wear as some collars and leads are a bit boring and not very comfortable to hold! The collars were just as comfortable and padded like the harnesses and the lead is simple yet strong and had the signature colour as padding around the handle.
For the owner who likes a bit of ‘matchy matchy’ the Animology Crash Pad beds match the blue, pink and green collars and having such a choice of colours means each dog can have their own identifiable set! Bracken our Springer Spaniel looks super cool in the lime green!
So we can concur Animology have designed and created the best collars, harnesses and leads we have seen! Only problem now is having the self control not to buy the other colours!
Head over to our Facebook Page – or Instagram @cockersinthecountry to win a bottle of Fox Poo Shampoo AND a collar in the size and colour of your choice!

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